Centerville Broadway

Development Opportunity

Broadway and Centerville represents the intersection of two of Garland's aging commercial corridors.  The City's overall strategy for this area is to selectively redevelop underutilized properties to increase density and quality. This area has shown the impacts of competitive pressures from both fringe communities and other areas of the city. New opportunities here will focus on redevelopment and revitalization. While the potential for residential development is relatively modest over the next ten years, well-designed workforce-range attached housing could begin to add life and provide proof-of-concept for comprehensive plan principles for similar areas. High commercial vacancy in the area could be reversed by redevelopment into a balance of neighborhood and community-scale retail and compatible urban residential development. Centerville/Broadway Map

Key Assets

  • Intersection of three (3) major arterials  
  • Available infrastructure/drainage improvements  
  • Stable neighborhoods with established commercial district, medical office cluster and high school  

Market Opportunity: Mid- to Long-Term

As shown, market potential within the Broadway and Centerville Catalyst Area suggests demand for limited residential (attached ownership and rental) uses with support retail (primarily neighborhood-oriented).  This area represents a mid- to long-term (7 to 10 years) redevelopment opportunity.

Targeted Investment Areas