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Neighborhood Standards

Neighborhood identity is shaped by the character, maintenance, and standards in a community.  Learn more about how to maintain and enhance your home or rental property, including information on permits, common violations, and guides for updating and remodeling your home. 

When Do I Need a Permit?

Residents are required to obtain a permit for many improvements to their homes.  Before you begin a home improvement project, make sure you find what kind of permit may be required. For more information about residential building permits, please visit Development & Permitting Center for Residents.

Common Code Violations

Standards for residential properties are enforced by the Code Compliance Department of the City of Garland.  Information on common code violations can be found on their website.  Call Code Compliance at 972-485-6400 for clarification or additional information on these or any other potential code violations.

Animal Services

Animal Services is a community service department that has information on registration, adoption, bites, fencing requirements, and many other topics related to animals and the community.  Please visit Animal Services for more information.

Rental Registration Program

The City of Garland requires all single family rental properties to be permitted by Code ComplianceCertified Rental Training is also available to land managers rental property owners.

A complete list of the requirements for a permit can be found in the ordinance related to single family permits.

Code Compliance can be reached at 972-485-6400.