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Police Department

                              The mission of the Garland Police Department 
                                         is to enhance the quality of life for our community 
                                                by reducing crime and the fear of crime. 

  • The members of the Garland Police Department shall seek to provide first-class public safety services for our community:
  • while maintaining the highest level of ethics, integrity, and accountability to the law-abiding citizens and stakeholders of Garland;
  • through fair and impartial enforcement of the law; 
  • while working in partnership with all segments of our diverse community in proactive efforts to reduce crime and address conditions that may foster the fear of crime.

News & Updates

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is fun for people of all ages, but it's important that you and your children remain safe. The Garland Police Department has provided some Halloween Safety Tips for individuals wishing to go trick-or-treating.  

Click here to view our Halloween Safety Tips




School Zone Safety (Video) - Please remember that while driving in a school zone, slow down, drive safely, and do not talk on your cell phone.  Let's do our part in keeping our children safe.  Thank you.

Exchange Zone (Video) - The Garland Police Department has established an "Exchange Zone" at police headquarters located at 1891 Forest Lane, Garland, TX. The Exchange Zone is designed to provide anyone who has made some kind of e-commerce transaction a meeting place in order to conduct their exchange.  For more information call 972-485-4868.