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Garland Youth Council

The Garland Youth Council (GYC) hosts regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month; at City Hall, 200 N. Fifth St. Garland, Texas 75040. Meetings begin promptly at 5:30 p.m., and all teens are welcome to attend. (Dates are subject to change for holidays, etc.) For more information, email GYC@GarlandTx.gov or call 972-205-2877.

2018-19 Youth Council Members
Jazmin Sanchez, President Jade Martinez Patricio Gonzales
Esther Akapo, Vice President Jibran Haroon Quenton Busby
Julian Humphrey, Secretary Katherine Sinclair Sarah Cox
Cynthia Carrillo, Historian Max Lavinsky Sydney Colon
Leah Tharakan, Historian Max Luna Victoria Penick
Alexis Ferrusquia Michelle Nguyen Ximena Cornonado
Brian Nguyen Olivia Glick  

2019-20 Applications Due June 9, 2019

Please send or email your application to:
City Hall, Attn: Dorothy White
200 N. Fifth St., Garland, TX 75040

Applications are reviewed and GYC members are appointed by the members of City Council in July. All applicants are notified by email and mail prior to the Aug. 3 retreat.

For more information, email GYC@GarlandTX.gov or the Garland Youth Council Facebook page.

Meeting Schedule

Dates, times and location subject to change. Email GYC@GarlandTX.gov with interested in attending. 

Meetings will begin in August 2019.