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Residential Roll-Off Services

Environmental Waste Services will deliver a 20, 30, or 40 cubic yard open top roll-off container to your home for collection and disposal of waste from move-outs, clean-ups, construction, demolition, roofing or home improvement projects.

Roll-off containers are excellent for materials that are prohibited from curbside pick-up, including roofing materials, concrete, asphalt, rocks, dirt, and bricks. Roll-off containers also prevent scattered or windblown debris and reduce scavenging.

Why Use Us?

  • Superior service provided by experienced and professional staff
  • Close proximity to city-owned and operated landfill allows for rapid response
  • Compliance with local laws and ordinances
  • No fluctuating charges such as fuel surcharges or environmental fees
  • Waiver of delivery and rental fees for Garland residents using container less than 14 calendar days
  • Charge only haul rate each time container is emptied

Important Guidelines

  • Containers must be set in paved driveway free of overhead obstacles such as electrical wires and must not extend into the street
  • Place curbside for regular weekly collection, not in the container 
  • Do not place home chemicals such as paint, fertilizer and pesticides in container. For disposal options, call the Dallas County Home Chemical Collection Center at 214-553-1765

Call Customer Service at 972-205-3500 for more information.