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Animal Services Fees

New City Ordinance Sterilization of impounded animal required.

Ordinance No. 6621
Section 1

Sterilization of impounded animals required.  The owner of an unspayed or unneutered dog or cat that has been impounded by the City must provide proof of sterilization of the impounded animal within thirty (30) days of the date the animal is reclaimed.  A person commits an offense if the person is the owner of an unspayed or unneutered dog or cat, the dog or cat has been impounded by the City, the person reclaims the animal, and the person fails to provide proof of surgical sterilization within thirty (30) days of reclaiming the dog or cat.

A City Tag is Your Pet's Ticket Home!

To obtain a registration tag, please visit the Abe J. Tuggle Animal Shelter and Adoption Center at 600 Tower St. , or mail your pet's current rabies certificate and the appropriate fee to City of Garland Animal Services P.O. Box 469002 Garland, TX 75046.

A three year registration can only be issued when the animal has been administered a three year rabies vaccination.

City License Fees for Cats & Dogs 1 yr 3 yr
Unsterilized Animal $15 $45
Sterilized Animal $5 $15
Animals Under 6 Months of Age $5 N/A
Replacement Tag $1 $1
Impoundment Fees
Sterilized Animal Unsterilized Animal
Daily Fee $5 Daily Fee $5
City Registration  $5 City Registration $15
Rabies Vaccination   $15 Rabies Vaccination $15
Impoundment $25  Impoundment $125
Microchips $37.99

Please note that fees are subject to change due to the number of times your pet has been impounded.  Payment is accepted in Cash, Credit Card, Debit and Checks.

Trap Deposit

  • $25   Small Trap Deposit
  • $50   Large Trap Deposit

Citizens should call 972-205-3570, press 4 to ensure trap availability as the number of traps is limited.  

Quarantine Fees

  • $5    Daily Handling Fee
  • $10  Daily Observation Fee
  • $50  Home Quarantine
  • $55  Rabies Shipment
  • $125 Impound Fee for unsterilized ($75 voucher) and $25 impound for sterilized